Friday, February 14, 2014

Revit Content - Folder Structure Naming Convention

Because there are so many different way to organize folders, it’s tough to jump in and finally decide on one system. My initial approach begins with a folder called “BIM Object Management”, from there we separate client work. Here is what we have created. The folders are self-explanatory. The Structure is same for previous Revit version.

        Folder Structure Naming Convention

Managing BIM Content: The Challenges

If not managed on time the Revit content it will be tougher at later stage where all the information to feed on other projects will be difficult. Currently our statistics of content and were used through our future projects. Sharing and storing updating was never easy as it’s now.

Happy Valentine’s Day

On this valentine Day – I would like to wish good luck and all the happiness in the world to the person for whom I care the most in the world and that is you! My Dear Friend’s

Interested in downloading the Revit families click on the link. Download Families