Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish that the warmth and happiness continues on for you throughout 2014!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Browser inside Family Environment.

Project Browser inside Family Environment.

Often times I thought about organizing the views inside Family environment for better & easy setup. Unfortunately like same in Project environment you cannot change the property by Right clicking the Views/ Type Properties.

The trick here is go to the View Tab > User Interface > Browser Organization > New > Custom Template


Hope you find it useful.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quick Filter - Solid & Void

Often Times I was wondering there should be a quicker way to select the Solid’s and Void’s inside a family and finally I had a Way to filter the solids and for void.

The furniture family below has total Count: 59 both Solid & Void Geometry, but

-          I need a total count of Solid and Void used in this family separately.

-          Another reason to quickly assign the material to the solids.

-          Probably control the visibility as well


Here is the trick – From the Object style I have a new category called – “SolidCabinet” and the material assigned as well. Selected the multiple Solid geometry and changed the Subcategory to “SolidCabinet” another warning to notice is Void won’t have subcategory which means when I filter now I will get the Solid count and other is the void.



Now we subtract the count: SolidCabinet with Other. In my case here is my calculation.

Solid: 47

Void: 12


Hope this make sense or do you have a better option???

Revit Link - Workset

Linking the Revit model of different discipline is common for visual check, coordination etc…
If the project is a Central model then generally we assign the Link to Workset for many reasons.
To assign the workset to element we generally select them and from the Instance property pallet change the workset.
But for links the case are different you will assign them not only in Instance Property but Type Property as well. the exercise is double and hope there's an answer.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Reference Planes

There are few thought i had for Reference planes, this post will share more information on it.

Tip1: Create a new workset name "Reference Plane" to control them. The benefit would be when linking the Revit file to hide unnecessary and unused planes. I see allot of client model are not properly arrange and we take a copy and clean them based on the updated model. its recommended that the Revit model should be cleaned properly and share with the other disciplines.

Tip2: When selecting a Reference Planes do you see 3D tag? You can change them to 2D by clicking on 3D – the advantage would be when you don’t want to see the selected reference plane in the other views after you adjust the 2D extents

Tip3: To bring it back from 2D to 3D quickly – Right click on Reference plane and Reset to 3D extents
Tip4: Propagate Extents works with 2D extents and the extent will be visible to the selected views

Tip5: Right click the reference plane and maximize the 3D extents it will start extending from the end point