Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quick Filter - Solid & Void

Often Times I was wondering there should be a quicker way to select the Solid’s and Void’s inside a family and finally I had a Way to filter the solids and for void.

The furniture family below has total Count: 59 both Solid & Void Geometry, but

-          I need a total count of Solid and Void used in this family separately.

-          Another reason to quickly assign the material to the solids.

-          Probably control the visibility as well


Here is the trick – From the Object style I have a new category called – “SolidCabinet” and the material assigned as well. Selected the multiple Solid geometry and changed the Subcategory to “SolidCabinet” another warning to notice is Void won’t have subcategory which means when I filter now I will get the Solid count and other is the void.



Now we subtract the count: SolidCabinet with Other. In my case here is my calculation.

Solid: 47

Void: 12


Hope this make sense or do you have a better option???

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