Friday, August 30, 2013

Reference Planes

There are few thought i had for Reference planes, this post will share more information on it.

Tip1: Create a new workset name "Reference Plane" to control them. The benefit would be when linking the Revit file to hide unnecessary and unused planes. I see allot of client model are not properly arrange and we take a copy and clean them based on the updated model. its recommended that the Revit model should be cleaned properly and share with the other disciplines.

Tip2: When selecting a Reference Planes do you see 3D tag? You can change them to 2D by clicking on 3D – the advantage would be when you don’t want to see the selected reference plane in the other views after you adjust the 2D extents

Tip3: To bring it back from 2D to 3D quickly – Right click on Reference plane and Reset to 3D extents
Tip4: Propagate Extents works with 2D extents and the extent will be visible to the selected views

Tip5: Right click the reference plane and maximize the 3D extents it will start extending from the end point