Friday, August 16, 2013

Loop in “Lookup Table Name”- Parameter

One good advantage in Revit MEP – Pipe Fitting category is the ability to use lookup table (.csv) otherwise it would be tough with Types or Catalogue (.txt)

Working on a client – manufacturer project I was curious to know the type of parameter is “Lookup Table Name” is using, as this is Default/ system parameter and we cannot modify or remove.

Follow the trick and you see the result

-          Open a new Generic Model template and change the category to Pipe Fittings

-          Go to Family Types and you will see Lookup Table Name

-          In the Formulae write a temporary Text value

-          Now change the category to Generic Model

-          Here is the Result the parameter still remains and you can Modify, Rename &Remove

-          If you see the Type of parameter is (Common/ Text)



Hope you like this trick.

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